Dr. Andreas

Associate Partner

What makes Andreas different ...

Leadership Advisor with focus on feasibility and potential.

Credo as a Coach

"Advice which does not take into account to a sufficient degree the business or organizational reality a client has to cope with is completely useless. Change can occur however when its starting point is within reach of his or her actual sphere of influence and potential."

What he really likes / dislikes

Andreas loves the unequaled lucidity of Johann Sebastian Bach‘s music, and black-and-white nouvelle vague movies; he is definitely not amused by intolerance, violence, and greasy food.


  • Meyler Campbell Business Coach/WABC and CBC accreditation
  • Law studies/PhD in intellectual property rights: Doctor of Laws
  • Basic studies Business Administration

Professional Experience

Andreas is a business consultant with proven focus on leadership topics for 15 years. He advises both large international as well as medium-sized businesses and specializes in coaching of top level executives, team integration processes, leadership development measures, and management audits. Prior to that, Andreas held SVP HR positions in major German (Bertelsmann), American (AOL – America Online) and French (L’ORÉAL) multinational corporations during 14 years. His working languages are: German, English, and French.

How would Andreas answer ...

... the Proust Questionaire:

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Physical and mental health; everlasting peace; playing a Steinway D grand piano in God like perfection with any type of music in my hands; piloting planes into dusk or dawn; cruising through California in a convertible; good music, good movie, good book, good art exhibition.

Which historical figure do you most admire?

Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

What is your greatest extravagance?

Having an espresso right before going to bed.

Who are your favorite writers?

Max Frisch, Marcel Proust, John Steinbeck, Graham Greene, Charles Baudelaire, Wolfdietrich Schnurre, Maarten t'Hart, Hanns-Josef Ortheil.

What would the title of your auto­biography be?

„Still on My Way ...“

Who are your heroes in real life?

Carers for the elderly as well as committed medics and committed hospital nurses.

What is the wallpaper of your mobile phone?

Planet Earth’s rim profile as seen from space.