Becoming the Leader ...

... you always wanted to be

We are licensed to deliver the UNLEASHED programme in Germany for our alma mater, Meyler Campbell, the London based and world-renowned executive coach training and leadership development community.

Meyler Campbell has successfully delivered exceptional executive coach training and leadership development for over 20 years; all programs are available in face-to-face, virtual, and blended formats.

UNLEASHED is a unique program, equipping business leaders and senior managers with the skills to transform individual and team performance. It

transforms the way you lead and relate to others, in order to transform the way others perform.

The UNLEASHED programme is designed for individuals who have a leadership role that would be significantly enhanced by the ability to coach in a peer-to-peer, line, or client setting. The programme can be run in-house for teams of senior leaders and professionals working within the same context or it can be run as an open programme.


Expected Outcomes at a personal level ...:

    • Increase the ability to have a wide range of more effective, and higher impact business conversations
    • Engage others more readily and effectively
    • Enhance strategic thinking capability
    • Develop skills to lead, manage, and develop your team(s) effectively
    • Increase your level of self-awareness and confidence
    • Augment your leadership repertoire with a coaching approach

… and at an organisational level:

    • Higher levels of engagement with a positive impact on productivity, revenue, and loyalty
    • Better understanding and use of discretionary effort, leveraging strengths to drive results
    • Future proofing of the organisation by developing an agile, flexible, thoughtful, change-orientated and Gen Y-ready team