Award Winning Harvard Business Review article “The Leader as Coach” now also published in the German „Harvard Business Manager“

Authored by Meyler Campbell cofounder and associate scholar at the University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School, Anne Scoular, and Herminia Ibarra, Professor of Organizational Behavior at London Business School, the article was awarded with the Warren Bennis prize, recognizing the best leadership article each year in Harvard Business Review.

“The Leader as a Coach”, a game-changing article, originally published in November 2019, explores how in today’s new reality, companies need to move away from the traditional command-and-control to a different model. Manager should be able to offer support and guidance, helping employees adapt to the constantly changing work environment to “unleash fresh energy, innovation and commitment”. When leaders know how to coach, they are able to ask better questions create non-judgmental and safe environments of support, facilitating better development opportunities.

The Human Impact Group, founded by Meyler Campbell alumni believe in the power of great coaching. The innovative model of development for leaders and teams, also offers customized programs, for leaders to learn how to coach. „We not only support leaders and their organizations in becoming more self-aware but also equip them with the skills to transform team performance. “says Barbara Kearney, co-founder and Managing Partner of The Human Impact Group.

“The current crisis has shown, that transformational leadership is needed now more than ever.”, said Anne Scoular, co-author of the article and co-founder of Meyler Campbell Ltd., “The Human Impact Group has the right skills to help organizations unleash the leadership needed to move forward and unlock positive change.”

You can read the article in German “Führen Wie ein Coach ” or in Englisch “Leader as Coach” even if you do not have a subscription you can register and still read it for free.

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